State of Advanced Senior Monitoring Tech in the UK

At Essence SmartCare, in collaboration with Kantar, we conducted an extensive global survey, including hundreds of adults in the United Kingdom caring for their elderly parents living alone. We recognize the vital role family caregivers play in ensuring the well-being of their aging parents.

In this survey report, you will discover key insights and valuable information on:

  • Understanding the challenges and needs faced by family caregivers
  • Exploring the current demographic and social landscape surrounding the senior population and their caregivers
  • Unleashing the potential of advanced monitoring technology in alleviating stress and improving the caregiving journey

Download our report to gain complete research findings and insights.

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Essence SmartCare is innovative unified TeleHealth & TeleCare platform that enables any monitoring level, any type of caring device, proactive and predictive, for a wide range of health conditions, inside the home or on-the-go

Partnering with Essence SmartCare lets you offer your customers next-generation seamless home care monitoring indoors and outdoors, allowing independence for seniors and peace of mind to their loved ones. Essence is spearheading a paradigm shift in seniors’ Aging in Place experience.

Essence technologies transform traditional models of care and remote patient monitoring for the telecare and telehealth service providers by meeting all the needs of patients as well as care teams and providers.

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